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Interzoo Academy Events

Interzoo Academy offers on-demand sessions and live events covering all aspects of the international pet industry. The sessions, usually conceived in English, serve as supplementary offers to the supporting programme the world´s leading trade fair Interzoo and can be accessed worldwide. The  programme covers topics that influence the pet industry today and in the future.

Focus Worldwide: Current Developments in the Pet Industry

Another year of crisis has had a major impact on pet care industry

Interzoo 2022 Country Session Scandinavia

Scandinavia is made up of the three countries Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

Interzoo 2022 Country Session Westeuropa

Western Europe is a diverse market for the international pet industry.

Interzoo 2022 Country Session China

The Chinese market offers great potential and development opportunities for companies in the international pet industry.

Interzoo 2022 Country Session USA

There are an estimated 400 million pets in the United States.

Interzoo 2022 Petfluencer Session

Petfluencers are ideal brand ambassadors.

Interzoo 2022 Fresh Ideas Contest

The Interzoo Fresh Ideas stage gives fresh ideas a space.

Interzoo 2022 Country Session Brazil

What makes the Brazilian pet market different from your domestic market?

Interzoo 2022 Sustainability Session

How sustainable is the pet industry and what can producers and retailers do to increase sustainability?
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The Impact of Digitalisation on Corporate Culture, Leadership and Communication

How to improve your business with the help of technology?

Focus Europe: Development of the European Pet Industry

Europe’s perspective on the development of the pet industry

Focus China: Development of the Chinese Pet Industry

The webinar co-hosted by Zoomark International, Interzoo Academy and CIPS

Influencer Marketing for Retailers

How to promote your own business activities by becoming an influencer

Market Focus Western Europe

This session offers a market analysis by Euromonitor International.

Sustainability for the Pet Industry

A joint survey of WZF and AMS

Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Italian and German Pet Market

Understand the current situation and changes within these two markets.

China Pet Care Market Trends

Learn more about what happened to China’s pet care industry during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Petfluencer Marketing

How can you design your brand communication to benefit from reach, relevance, feedback and relationships?

Corona Pandemic and The Pet Industry – Update

Impact of COVID-19 on macroeconomics, supply chains and purchasing behaviour of pet owners.

Corona Pandemic and The Pet Industry

An Euromonitor study touching on the key changes and challenges.

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Interzoo Academy FAQ

Participation in our webinars is required via the respective form on the event page or with one of our external partners.

The current webinars are provided free of charge. 

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