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AMS and WZF Sustainability Guidebook


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Sustainability is no longer just a trend, but a challenge for the entire global economy in all sectors. Therefore, WZF and Interzoo academy engaged in a joint research project together with Antwerp Management School (AMS) to provide in-depth information tailored to the sustainability challenges within the pet industry. In recent years, the pet industry has made great progress in developing and implementing sustainability actions and strategies. The aim of this guide is to support organisations in their efforts to develop and update their sustainability plans. The guide also provides useful insights for stakeholders involved in the worldwide pet market. Sustainable actions can be taken in many areas of business and that is why the researchers took a multidimensional approach to this work.

Download the Executive Summary of the Guidebook in English for free here. Furthermore, you can purchase the detailed Sustainability Guidebook with over 50 pages of information and get important insights into sustainable management in the pet industry!