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Petfluencer Marketing

Dr. Rowena Arzt, Director Exhibitions (WZF GmbH)
Thomas Poschen, Co-Founder und Business Development Manager (

Influencer marketing is increasingly gaining attention and importance. This is also true for the pet industry, where petfluencers play a specific role and are used as an additional component in corporate communications. With the upcoming Interzoo Academy session we would like to provide you with insights into the field of petfluencer marketing. An interesting mix of basic knowledge, strategies to costs and examples of real use cases will show you the advantages of using petfluencers as a marketing instrument in your marketing strategy.

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  • learn more about the growing importance and professionalization of influencer marketing
  • be informed about current trends in petfluencing
  • learn from practical examples how companies can find the right influencer for their target groups

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